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Atlanta’s hidden gem since 2019, Fin & Feathers celebrates a love for market-fresh ingredients, handcrafted dishes, and warm, inviting vibes. Our talented chefs whip up culinary delights from scratch, promising a feast for your senses and a haven for your soul

With some of the most delicious combinations of ingredients, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, now is the perfect time for you to join us today at Fin & Feathers Restaurants.


From the L.A. sunshine to the sizzling kitchens of Atlanta, Damon A. Johnson Sr.’s journey in hospitality reads like a best-selling novel. He began his career slinging drinks in Atlanta’s fast-paced restaurants and lounges, his passion bubbling like a perfectly simmered sauce. With every cocktail shaken and every table served, he learned the intricate dance of making every guest feel like a VIP. His ambition, as potent as a well-aged whiskey, propelled him up the ladder from bartender to General Manager and Director of Operations, where he orchestrated menus, budgets, and the symphony of happy diners.

But Damon’s dream wasn’t just to serve—it was to create. So, he built his own brand, brick by brick, each Fin & Feathers Restaurant a canvas splashed with his vibrant vision. Fin & Feathers Restaurants became Georgia’s hidden gems, where plates burst with flavor and the atmosphere crackled with an inviting glow. His meticulous attention to detail was the secret ingredient, the pinch of seasoning that transformed ordinary meals into extraordinary memories.

Today, Damon stands as the CEO of Doe Nation Hospitality and Restaurant Development Inc., a name synonymous with excellence in the industry. He’s the whisperer of menus, the confidante of aspiring restaurateurs, and the go-to guru for crafting experiences that linger long after the last bite.

Step into a Fin & Feathers Restaurant, where Damon’s passion simmers in every dish, and prepare to savor more than just a meal. Savor a legacy of flavor, woven with every smile and every satisfied patron.

Welcome to Fin & Feathers Restaurants!

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